How can my child join in?

If your child attends one of the 4 schools we currently support they can enrol in the current class by finding out more information from the school and turning up to class (subject to availability). Schools we currently support: Clydach Primary School, YGG Lon Las, Alltwen Primary School, YGG Login Fach. If we don't currently teach in your school, please register your interest here. If you want your child to start now, you can always join the Samurai Judo Club which has a busy schedule for children, meeting twice a week. For more information click here.

Does my child need a judo kit?

No. We would reccommend that your child uses one of our loan kits for their first several lessons to see if they enjoy the classes. If they do enjoy the classes then a kit can be purchased via the Samurai Shop, prices starting from £20. See all kits here.

Will my child enjoy judo?

Naturally this depends on your child, however we find that quiet children grow in confidence and boisterous children gain self control. The classes include a degree of wrestling contact and throwing which can be challenging but gives children strength of character. Many children love the sport.

How old does my child need to be?

Our schools program starts from year 1. The classes often have children in the range from year 1 to year 6. All children are learning judo skills and as they progress the older children also learn leadership and management skills within the class as they gain seniority.

What will my child get from the class?

It's a contact sport so your child might gain a few bruises, however, more seriously, judo is valued in education because it teaches respect, politeness and courtesy. Children often gain a sense of honour, self control, modesty and grow in courage and confidence, and overall make lasting friendships.

My child has done judo before, can they join the class?

They will be welcome! Our schools program is for all skills within years 1 to 6.